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Dark Age Productions, the cult 1990s US label releasing medieval, dark ambient, atmospheric music, (known today as dungeon synth) has returned in 2016. Dark Age Productions was known for releasing atmospheric side-projects by artists such as Equitant (Absu), Proscriptor (Absu), Akhkharu, ...The Soil Bleeds Black (Fetid Zombie), Akrabu (Crimson Moon) and many others in extremely limited cassette editions between 1994 - 1997.
The first release from the resurrected Dark Age Productions is CERNUNNOS WOODS “Forest Anthology” a remastered compilation of early material and rare compilation tracks. Written and recorded by label curator Bard Algol Eriboas between 1994 & 1998. Including the full audio track “Into Glory Ride” which appeared on ABSU's “Mythological Occult Metal” Best Of album, under the title of "The Great Battle Moving from Ideal to Actual". CERNUNNOS WOODS is considered one of the essential first age acts of the dungeon synth movement. Forest Anthology is available now as a Digipak CD and Cassette Tape (limited to 100 copies) as well as a Die-Hard collectors bundle with CD, cassette, T-shirt, woven patch, sticker & exclusive pin.

The album may be streamed in full  at:
The new incarnation of Dark Age Productions is a side-label of Metal Hell Records and will have the benefit of a wider distribution network for CD & Digital release to sites such as iTunes, Spotify, Amazon and others. While limited edition cassette releases will still be sold exclusively from the labels own website. Dark Age Productions is gearing up for an exciting 2017 releasing unique, high quality artists with several exciting new artists releases already in progress.

Monday, December 5, 2016

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Co-release Satanath Records with Murdher Records: new album "Aenigmata" of Hungarian death metal band Sin Of God out on September 23rd!

Sin Of God was founded in 2004, Ambrózfalva, Hungary. The intention was always to create forceful and fierce death metal music. Played many concerts within the hungarian borders and did it’s first European tour in 2016 with portugese Holocausto Canibal. IGNE NATURA RENOVATUR INTEGRA. Aenigmata is the band’s latest release which is a merciless death metal destruction in it’s finest form. Inspired by the occult writings of Alchemy and the dissection of the faith in mankind. Hail Holy Death!

Balázs Botyánszki – drums
Csaba Sándor – bass
László Páll – guitars
Zoltán Borka – guitars
M.Z. aka Lupus Canis - vocals

Info about album:
Guitars recorded by Gábor Drótos.
Recorded/Mixed/Mastered by István Simon.
No Silence Sound Studio.
Artwork by Bvll Art & Anvil Kvlt.
01. The Emerald Tablet
02. Phosphorus
03. Ignis Infernalis... Illuminate Us
04. Loss Leads Into Impiety
05. Aenigmata
06. Altered States Of Chaos
07. Deus Metamorphosis
08. The Great Lion Devours The Sun
09. The Human Worm
 Length - 38:10

 Available for pre-order!
Co-release Satanath Records (Russia) with label:
 Catalog number:
номер / SAT158 | MURDHER 016
 Official sites:
 Band e-mail:

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It seem greatness comes quick to some as the black flame burns bright on this debut album from Ukraine's Nordwitch who after only forming last year present their debut offering in all its dark glory. Having not released any demos but rarther going for the grand debut offering to present themselves upon the metal scene at large and making their bid for the throne. It was a good decision not to release any demos, judging by the sheer quality of the music on offer here, there is little doubt that they are seasoned musicians who know their craft and have a very clear vision of what they are doing. The album boasts eight songs which is perfect for a metal album, think of all those classic albums in your collection, part of their greatness was quaility over quantity and Nordwitch know this all to well and good because not a single note is wasted on this album, everything has its place and nothing is their for the sake of it which pissess me off nowadays when albums are packed full of songs half of which are throwaway, take the new Metallica album as a case in point. It seems the underground knows where it's at. Starting with a short intro "Mork Profeti" which sets the mood with its ominious and slow picked chords with quitar harmonies layered on top which creates an epic build up leading into the first track proper "Dominion" which kicks in with some go for the throat black thrash and the guttural vocals of female vocalist Masha which in this day and age has become something of a cliche perhaps because I feel Arch Enemy used it over time as a gimmick and rarther than she just happened to be a singer in the band, but the case here could not be futher from the truth as this is simply about the music and the fact that Masha can growl better than most somethimes reminding me of those deep and guttural growls of Chris Barnes form his Cannibal Corpse days. The songs are very dynamic with a lot of great parts incorporated and the lead work is phenoninal and really enhances the music and expresses a lot of emotion which is sometimes missing in extreme music. "Lady Evil" shows how extreme metal can break out of the underground into the mainstream of metal simply by writing great songs. "To the Nord Gods" is an epic homeage and is grandiose in its execution. The album mixes every form of extreme metal, there is a bit of death, thrash and a healthy dose of black atmosphere but you get the sense in the songwriting department that the band listen to a lot of classic metal bands. If the band can build and develop upon this momentous debut then they will become one of the most talked about extreme metal bands of recents times. It is hard to even find any flaws as there really are none. One of the albums of the year and the best newcomers on the scene for 2016, the underground is alive and strong and Nordwitch are the proof.

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Xcaliber "Warriors of the Night" Re-master, re-issued, for the first time ever on CD Limited to 500 copies so get your copy today. 

Havoc "Back for the Kill" Released for the first time ever on CD. Re-mastered with never before seen photos, complete lyrics, and bonus tracks 

Christillow "Standing in the Rain" Re-mastered and released for the first time ever on cD with never before seen photos, complete lryics, and new artwork
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Co-release Satanath Records with Murdher Records: new album "Due Diaboli Et Apocalypse" of Kazakh symphonic black/death metal band SevenSins out on September 20th!
SEVENSINS is sympho black/death metal band from city that lies in mouth of stony mountains in the East of Kazakhstan. Ust-Kamenogorsk is boundary between Altay forests and Kazakh steppes. This contrast captures in music of SEVENSINS. This band was formed in 2008.

Hasthur - keyboards
Golgorh - drums
Amaden - guitar
Amaron - lead guitar
Walter Taro - vocal

"Due Diaboli et Apocalypse" is second full-length album of SEVENSINS. Conception of this album can't be described shortly, the main fact is that it is telling about dark side of Middle Ages from Europe to Asia.

01. Tempus Mortuorum
02. Kabbalah
03. Alchemist
04. Peregrinus
05. Mors Atra
06. Due Diaboli
07. Seraphim
08. Avicenna
09. Praesuptio Reatum
10. Infinitas Non
11. Teofelspakt [bonus track]
Длительность / Length - 47:16

 Available for pre-order!
Co-release Satanath Records (Russia) with label:
 Catalog number:
SAT157 | MURDHER 014
Official sites:
Band e-mail:

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We are thrilled to announce that after some time of trying to track them down, H&H Records and finally found the members of Wisconsin cult thrash band DEMENTIA.

In the spring of 2017 Heaven and Hell Records will be re-mastering and re-issuing DEMENTIA debut 'Recuperate from Reallity' packaged with 8-page booklet with complete lyrics, never before seen photos, band history essay, and even some bonus tracks.
Limited to 500 copies

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Sectasys, the band of Blackened Death Metal is founded in the year 2006 by Lord Alastor in the city of the Teques Miranda Venezuela. Sectasys is a Fusion of two words the first that is sect and the second Sys which means "system of sects". Compositions is reflected in the influences of those genres as the Black Metal and Death Metal. The lyrics are based on the Antichristianism, mythology, occultism, Satanism and dark literature. First demo recorded in the 2007 at Doppler Studio with a set of 3 songs, of way self-financing and is launched the 19 of April of the same year. Then have some various festivals. In 2008 recorded first EP entitled Weapon Skin (released in 2012). In 2011 played on one stage with Colombo/North American INQUISITION. Also participated in many concerts and compilations. Finally, in 2015-2016 band recorded new album "Brotherhood Of Chaos".

Urukhai - Vocals
Lord Alastor - Guitars, Bass
Njorth - Drums

01. Chaos Signal (Intro)
02. I Am The Dark God
03. Sacrilege Of Christian Souls
04. Destroyers Of Humanity
05. Brotherhood Of Chaos
06. Renaissance Of Evil & Chaos
07. Emissaries Of Death
08. Garden Of Blood
09. Masters Of War
10. Sectasys
11. The Goddess Of Death (Kali)
12. Arma Skin [bonus track]
 Length - 58:56

 Available for pre-order!
Co-release Satanath Records (Russia) with label:
Catalog number:
SAT156 | ER005
 Official sites:
 Band e-mail:

Sunday, December 4, 2016

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Virginia's Rotting Obscene stormed onto the death metal scene in 2011 with an impressive 4 song demo. They have returned in 2016 with their debut full-length album Depths Of Decay. The band features members of Darkness Remains and Human Infection. They've shared the stage with Ulcerate, Cannabis Corpse and many others. Their brand of highly skilled technical death metal is sure to please fans of Abhorrent and Suffocation.

1. Audient Void
2. Cataclysmic Advent
3. Depths of Decay
4. Nightmares of the Forlorn
5. The Awakening
6. Paths of Deception
7. Abhorrent Reprisal
8. Temporal Diminishment
9. Metamorphic Transcendence
10. Absence of Light
11. Warstorm
12. Defacing Divinity 

 Label:  Transcending Records
 Release Date July 8th, 2016
 Genre:  Technical Death Metal
 Country:  USA
 Running Time:   50 minutes
 Line Up:  
Eric Conrad- Guitar and Vocals
Jonathan Fralick- Guitar and Vocals
Chris Hylton- Drums
Andrew Mathews- Bass