Tuesday, May 12, 2015

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Tony Iommi is a man who needs no introduction among metal fans, this is the man who layed the riffs which are at the very foundation of all that is metal, without his riffs metal would not be what it is today and the influences of his riffs can be heard in every band that has followed since and has flown the flag for metal. From Priest to Maiden, from Metallica to Slayer, From Death to Morbid Angel, From Venom to Bathory, From Pantera to Machine Head and last but not least From Pentagram to Saint Vitus and beyond all have without a doubt been heavily influenced by this man's music. To say you are a metal fan without knowing of Black Sabbath is to say you are a tree without roots. Even if you don't know it you are listening to his music indirectly through his disciples. Now let's move on to this mammoth project undertaken by a dear friend of mine along with the help of a great team of believers and supporters. This album is pure dedication, belief and passion in it's truest form. A double disc set containing no less than twenty Sabbath covers. Produced by Mike Exeter who has a long history of recording with Tony on some of his solo albums and projects along with Heaven and Hell's The Devil You Know and the latest Black Sabbath album 13 and the production goes without saying on this is simply nothing short of amazing, the sound is the first thing which hits you, the wall of sound created has such an organic and natural feel that it takes you right back to the first Sabbath albums. It's nice to see the song selection is varied with each era of Tony's career getting properly represented. some of the songs even surprise like Phil Jakes acoustic instrumental take on the familiar Behind the Wall of Sleep. Some old band mates also make an appearance as does Vinny Appice on Kyle Cousins take of Heaven and Hell and Tony Martin makes an appearance alongside Giuntini on Anno Mundi which sounds nothing short of amazing and really  breeds new life into the song, if only the Tyr album had had this production it would have sounded monstrous. Place of Skulls and Victor Griffen an advent follower of  Iommi puts in a damn fine performance of You Won't Change me which showcases some sublime soloing. There are simply so many highlights to mention them all. The accompanying booklet also deserves a special mention featuring details on every musician and those who have taken part, their is also a great and insightful introduction by Martin M. Jacobsen Ph.D. in which he discusses his thoughts on Tony's music. This project has been realized and executed with great heart and is one of those rare undertakings which has been done for the fans by the fans. Why you may ask, the answer is for the sheer love and respect for the music and to top things off all proceedings will go in order to aid The Macmillan Cancer Support UK..
There's not much more which can be said only this is a great release which deserves to be heard so grab yourself a copy and support a great cause with the added bonus of hearing some of the greatest riffs ever written played in his eternal honour, thank you Tony Iommi.

Thursday, May 7, 2015

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Here is a band on the scene who I respect more than most. A band who have stood the test of time and remained current in the face of adversary and condemnation at every step but like a tribe who were born strong they have continued to release quality album after quality album which pushes the boundaries and continues to do what they have always done since the get go. We all know the back story of how the Cavalera brothers formed the band and along with Paulo Jr and Jairo Guedz released the classic debut Morbid Visions with Andreas joining for Schizophrenia which saw a great improvement in songwriting and playing seeing more musicality in the band. This lineup then continued to release three more albums before Max jumped ship or abandoned the band however you want to look at it. Why you may ask because at the time his wife Gloria was their manager and her contract was up. At this stage in the game it's important to remember that a band is a democracy and not a one man show. The others felt that with Gloria being Max's wife it was a conflict of interest as she pushed Max in the press more than the band as a whole. The very fact his own brother Igor agreed with this only proves the point. Max did not want to accept this so he left and the others had every right to continue and that is exactly what they did for a further 10 years with Igor releasing four more albums. Igor decided to leave but Sepultura was far from over and have continued to play which a lot fans think they shouldn't have as technically only one original member remains never mind Andreas has played with the band on everything except the debut and Derrick spent 10 years with them and was four albums in so he had devoted a great deal of energy and invested so much into the band even moving to Brazil and learning Portuguese, if that's not dedication then I don't know what is. Today Derrick has been in the band for 17 years that's one hell of a commitment and not something you piss on and walk away from after you invested so much heart and soul into building it up. OK if we apply this original member rule where does that leave most of our favourite metal bands. Iron Maiden have only two original members, that's right the other four members were not their from the first album. Napalm Death don't even have one original member, Pantera released their best albums after losing original singer Terry Glaze my point is the list goes on and on, the greatest of bands are like the greatest of novels with all their varied and colourful history. I feel most of the people who have a problem with the band think that Max was the band but that is so wrong and as far from the truth as you could possibly get as they have always been a collective, you need to judge the band on the their music alone and the band have continued to release great albums. This rant is not an anti Max rant but rather I'm trying to level the field because most people are blinded by Max and the past. He chose to leave and he didn't see the band as a democracy and didn't respect the other members decision that's it in a nutshell. A band is something you commit yourself to and just because some people are not in it until the bitter end it doesn't mean the others should quit this is what they have dedicated their entire lives to and put all of their energy and drive into so they should be commended and respected for sticking to their guns after all of these years. Rise Sepulnation!


Tuesday, April 21, 2015

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With just under one month to go until the release of their second album Entheogen, Corpse Garden have teamed up with Zero Tolerance Magazine UK for a stream premiere of second single ‘Portal to the Oneiric’!

Listen to the ‘Portal to the Oneiric’ here...

Entheogen, which is set for a joint release this May 15th via both Satanath Records and RTM Productions, is the Costa Rican band’s second release and followup to 2012’s Burnt By the Light. With an extensive line-up change in 2013 the band now offers something ‘completely different’ with this album. Vocalist Felipe Tencio comments on what fans can expect musically from Corpse Garden on Entheogen - 

“Death metal with black metal influences combined with experimentation. We use effects and additional musical instruments (mellotron, ebow) to create ambientations and atmospheres.

"[Entheogen] is by far a more elaborate, complex and dynamic album in terms of musicianship, concept and song structures.”
Soundcloud link to 'Portal to the Oneiric' - https://soundcloud.com/corpse-garden/portal-to-the-oneiric/s-Qr9Uc

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That's right! Miami duo Cave Of Swimmers release their second album 
Reflection next month, and are now offering folk a taste of what's to come 
with 'The Prince Of The Power Of The Air'. You can download the single
 free and right now HERE.

“We chose 'The Prince Of The Power Of The Air' as a single because it
sets the tone for the rest of the album,” comments G.E. Perez. “We're
aware that each track is not particularly time friendly; there's a lot of music
 going on in each one, so we decided to leave full versions of the songs
for the album and for those who are curious and willing to enter our
house we did a SparkNotes version for the casual visitor.”

Heavy Metal, 70's Hard Rock, Doom, Stoner, Sludge... Cave Of Swimmers
ARE a band like no other, and reactions from the media and fans alike to their
self-titled 2013 debut is testament to that.
Out 04th May 2015, Reflection was recorded at Weeks Recording Studio in Coral Gables and Crossbridge Studio in Pinecrest, Florida, engineered by Dana Salminen and mixed by Ian Mercel.

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This week's In the riff we trust with Jett from Salem's Lot


Jett: "Thunderstruck" or "Stairway To Heaven" I can't remember
Monroe: ACDC "Thunderstruck"

Jett: "Stand By Me" (learned the bass riff but on the guitar)
Monroe: "Smoke On The Water"

Jett: It's REALLY hard to choose and there are so many more but George Lynch, Warren Demartini, Jake E Lee (Ozzy era)
Monroe: Warren Demartini, John Sykes, Paul Gilbert (Racer X era)

Jett: Yours truly
Monroe: Nobody


Jett: Queen "I Want It All"
Monroe: I'll let you know when my life is coming to a close.


Jett: Ratt "Lay It Down"
Monroe: Whitesnake "Still Of The Night"


Jett: I know it's apparently blasphemy to say in the 'metal' community but I'd honestly say Pantera's "Walk". That riff, that tone just sounds like literal distorted farts to me. I thought Dimebag had much better riffs and tone earlier on.

Monroe: Most modern-day typical metal bands


Jett: Ratt "Invasion of Your Privacy", Dead End "Ghost Of Romance", Loudness "Hurricane Eyes" or "Thunder In The East", Dokken "Back For The Attack", Ozzy "Ultimate Sin"

Monroe: Right now i'm into the following: Whitesnake 87' album, Ratt "Invasion…", Dead End "Ghost…", "Second Heat" Racer X, and Salems Lott "Salems Lott" of course


Jett: TNT "Tell No Tales".

Monroe: Aion "Be Afraid"


Jett: I don't want a funeral. Apparently most people shit themselves when they die, so I just hope I'm able store enough juice to leave the biggest shit for someone to clean up when I go. I'd like to shit on as many people as possible in death.

Monroe: The sound of silence when my body is hopefully thrown into the ocean.


Jett: Good riffs are rhythmic, memorable, move you and have awesome fucking tone. Scooped mids is NOT good tone, ruins every riff. Great riffs are the driving force behind an awesome tune and the real backbone of rock and metal. A great song with a great riff becomes an amazing song.

Monroe: Great tone, rhythm and note choice.

http://salemslott.com/ https://www.facebook.com/salemslottband?fref=ts

Monday, April 13, 2015

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Swiss / American hard rockers Khaøs have posted an acoustic rendition of their most recent single 'Exalted', taken from their stunning debut album Risen. Last November the band threw a party for the release of the 'Exalted' music video in Winterthur, Switzerland and it was here that the epic track was captured unplugged.

Watch The 'Exalted' Unplugged Here

'Exalted' is a very personal song to Khaøs, it's the 'ballad' of Risen, and with these undertones present it is quite apt that the band recorded a live and acoustic version of the song showcasing not just it but also they themselves stripped back to the bare essentials.

Bassist N i c Angileri comments,  "Exalted is how I feel every time I listen to this song realising what we made out of it. A universal song, catchy but not cheesy, enjoyable for everyone with an open heart and mind."

Vocalist Chandler Mogel adds, "This song is simply about finding my true self by helping others. This is a part of me that I can't deny, so why not write a song about it?"

Watch The Original Version Here

Catch Khaøs later this month as the band play three shows in Switzerland. Dates as follows...

29/04/15 - Bruch Brothers - Luzern
30/04/15 - Hall of Fame - Wetzikon
01/05/15 - Temus - Agno
Not easily categorised Risen follows the band's acclaimed EP Rising and features 12 tracks of modern, melodic hard rock and metal. The album was released via MRR Records on 20th October and was recorded by Rolf Munkes at his Empire Studios in Germany and mastered by Tom Coyne at Sterling Sound in New York.

What the press say...

“It seems that everything these Swiss-American’s touch turns to gold... Khaos is a high-level group...” - Music Waves (France)

“The songs are beautifully written and superbly crafted, the edginess of their harder moments contrasting with those of a softer touch...” - Uber Rock (UK)“...hummable and memorable songs with perfect execution...” - Powerplay Magazine (UK)

“Risen achieves the balance between hard rock and modern rock with style! It's dark, it's beautiful, it has attitude...” - Heavy Paradise (Greece)

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On June 9th 2015, Tridroid Records will unleash its next digital-only release: the raw black metal of Poetries of Oppression by Dogmatic Absolution.


Dogmatic Absolution was born at the end of 2011, in Finale Emilia, a small town near Modena, Italy. The band was created by the ex-bassist Amnesia and the guitarist El. After some sessions, Dogmatic Absolution decided to take on a second guitarist, Alaskan. Later, the singer Algeroth joined the band, lending his unique voice. In 2012 Dogmatic Absolution have released an EP titled “In His Trinity Essence” which was limited to 50 copies. This small release was a concept album focused on opposition to the Christian trinity. At a later stage, the guitarist Alaskan and the bassist Amnesia left the band, and the bassist was replaced by Azazel. The band's line-up is now stabilised with three members: Algeroth, El and Azazel. With this line-up the band then released a demo titled "Promo 2013", and will now release "Poetries of Oppression" in June 2015.

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Following the recent release of their ‘Suspended Over the Abyss’ single from upcoming album Entheogen, Costa Rica’s Corpse Garden has now recorded an official play through for the single.

View the official play through for track ‘Suspended Over The Abyss’ here...

With Entheogen, Corpse Garden will unleash a thirteen-track death metal focused opus, that the band themselves say is something ‘completely different’ from what was offered before with their debut release Burnt By the Light [2012]. Vocalist Felipe Tencio elaborates,

 “The band went through several line up changes [in 2013], Federico [Guitars] and Erick [Drums] are the only remaining members of the Burnt By The Light sessions so it's basically a new band with new ideas and a different purpose.

Entheogen shows the new identity of the sound and the new message we are trying to get across. It's by far a more elaborate, complex and dynamic album in terms of musicianship, concept and song structures.”

The Entheogen artwork is by Alexander L.Brown of BNB Illustration and Design.

Recorded with Juan Pablo Calvo at Bushido Audio Productions, in Cartago, Costa Rica, the album went on to be mastered by Eri Román at SoloHit Studios in San José. Comments Felipe on the recording process, 

 “It was challenging for ourselves as musicians, a big step towards a new sound and new objectives. We all shared the same vision of what we wanted the final product to be. At the end of the process, we were very satisfied with our performances and the sound of the album.”

Entheogen is set for release this May 15th through both Russia’s Satanath Records and Germany’s RTM Productions with North American distribution through Sevared.